Roxson Insulated Panelling

Roxson offers several types of insulated panelling options to our valued customers. We will help you cut costs, go green, and complete your building construction project as quickly and easily as possible. All of Roxson’s insulated panelling options are lightweight, durable, fire resistant, easy and fast to install, and come with a superior warranty, a core that is blister free, and high R values over the building’s lifespan. Our insulated panelling offers concealed clips and fasteners, and will meet most every building code requirements.

Architectural Panelling
Architectural panelling is highly attractive and adaptable (horizontal or vertical installation). Visual appeal and versatile ensures this panelling system can be utilized for even the most discerning of clients.

Striated Wall Panelling
Economical and attractive, the vertical groove detailing of the striated wall panelling adds interest. The high insulation rating adds appeal on an entirely different level.

Mesa Panelling, Light Mesa Panelling, Partition Panelling
Attractive and versatile, these panelling systems can be utilized both outside and inside of your building as partitions. These panelling options feature consistent appearance on other side of the panel for harmonious visual flow throughout.

Fluted Panelling System
This beautiful and impactful fluted design, this look is modern corporate at its best.

Tuff-Wall Panelling R-Value Panelling
Long lasting, beautiful and resistant to dings, dents, abrasives, and of course harsh weathers, these panels are similar in visual appearance to stucco.

Roof Panel
This tough and long lasting standing seam roofing panel offers an all in one composite with blister free polyurethane core insulation.

Roxson will be happy to help you with all of your panelling and insulated panelling needs.
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